ShelCon Dome Shelters

Whether serving mining, agricultural, commercial, or individual requirements, you can select the container arrangement (length x height) and we provide the framework to suit your shelter footprint. A solution to a safe and convenient weatherproof expansion unlike no other, let us raise the roof for less! Our structural frames are galvanized rectangular formed arches offering 30% greater rigidity compared to the rounded counterpart (no interior column required). The galvanized process offers corrosion protection and ensures high corrosion resistive performance from year to year. Trusses are configure 3 feet apart for greater support and load baring capability. ShelCon structures are peaked for maximum snow and condensation shedding, a design reflective of the harsh Canadian winters.

Light, yet sturdy framework Multi configuration options Machinery and heavy equipment
  • Quick and effective turnaround
  • Economical
  • Light, yet sturdy framework
  • Simple installation/re-assembly
  • Three ply woven weather proof protection
  • Multi configuration options
  • No Trade contractor required (30’ configurations or less)
  • Inventory storage
  • Building material
  • Raw bulk material
  • Machinery and heavy equipment
  • Spray booth
  • Animal Shelter
  • Workshop
  • Boat storage etc…
  • Installation and Additional Products

    Our Shelter Structures are simple to install and can be raised without the expert hand of a hired builder. Beyond an installation CD, each kit includes plain and simple directives for easy mounting and assembling. However if assistance is necessary an installation crew can be dispatched in selected locations.

    End walls can reduce and eliminate transient climatic weather effects indoors. Whether partial or totally enclosed, all ShelCon systems include end wall fabric, giving the customer the option to extend each wall with a desired doorway or curtain enclosure. Doorways may include sectionals, roll-ups, steel service doors and frames. Alternative base configurations can be supplied to customers who prefer to exclude the container base footing. Customized solutions can be suggested according to specific requirements. Let us help, we’re a phone call away

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